10 Memorable Moments for Human Rights in Lithuania in 2015

Dear friends and colleagues, 

thank you for being with us this year and for your continuous support and interest in our work! 

We wish you the most joyful and relaxing holiday break, and would like to invite you to remember some of the best and most interesting moments for human rights in Lithuania in 2015.

See you next year!

HRMI team

1. Baltic Pride. For the first time in the history of Baltic Pride in Vilnius, its organizers, the Lithuanian Gay League meets no opposition from the city's officials. The parade and the festival will take place on June 18, 2016 - you're welcome to join in!

@ Augustas Didžgalvis Photography

2. Child-care reform. The Government finally launches the child-care reform which aims to close down large scale child care institutions and promote family based foster care.

3. Roma integration. Vilnius City Council approves a new Roma integration programme with education, housing, employment, and crime prevention among priorities.

4. Rights of refugees. The Supreme Court of Lithuania issues a landmark judgment protecting the rights of two minor Afghani refugees.

5. War propaganda vs. freedom of speech. For the first time in the history of EU, Lithuanian Commission for Radio and Television bans the broadcasting of Russian TV channel "RTR Planet" on the grounds of anti-propaganda law, provoking wide public debates on the limits of free speech.

6. Anti-racism campaign. Social experiment „Translation“ not only exposes the issue of racism Lithuania, but, after receiving more than 3 million views on youtube.com, becomes the most popular Lithuanian social ad and wins the annual LOGIN internet award as the best viral video.

7. Human rights reporting. Human Rights Overview in Lithuania 2013-2014, the only report on the latest human rights trends and developments in the country, becomes available in a convenient online format in English at www.pasidomek.lt/en.

8. Detention reform. The Parliament moves forward with the long-awaited detention reform which should decrease the number of detainees in Lithuania.

9. Rights of crime victims. The transposed EU Victims Directive will improve the situation for 50,000 crime victims in Lithuania each year. 

10. Free speech. Lithuanian Parliament abolishes criminal liability for insulting a person or a civil servant.


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